Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ironman Lake Placid Sign up

Yesterday I signed up for my first Ironman race, July 20th, 2008 in Lake Placid, NY. For those that do not know, an Ironman race is comprised of a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike, and a 26.2 mile run. 140.6 total miles.

I'd say I was pretty lucky to get signed up. The sign-up process was very stressful. I was going to actually take the 10+ hour drive up to Northern New York to sign up in person, however my wife suggested that I was crazy and shouldn't make that drive. She is a Financial Planner and was already apprehensive of the registration cost, let alone gas money to travel all the way up there. I decided to take my chances signing up on-line.

On-line registration was to begin on Monday July 23rd, at 11am, after those that were on-site had registered beginning at 9am. I found out at 10:30am that on-line registration was delayed and that Ironman North America would "make an announcement" on the status of registration at 1pm, due to the high demand from the on-site line. Some folks have estimated over 1000 people in line to sign up! At that point I was sure there weren't going to be any slots left for those of us waiting on-line. Then, at about 12:30pm, there was hope. Ironman North America made an announcement that on-line registration was going to open at 1pm. A few minutes later, it was announced that there were only going to be 800 slots available for on-line registration. I started clicking the registration button at 12:50pm and got in a few minutes before 1pm. Sold out in less than 10 minutes!

I made the first step towards my goal of becoming an Ironman.


Brandon said...

You Go, HokieX. I will cheer for you down here in VA! Good luck!


Ginger said...

I think its great you are willing to take on such a great challenge. Also, how wonderful that your family supports you like they do!!! I know you will do great and I have much respect for your drive. Good Luck Bryan!!!

A family at our Wits End... said...

Iron man is hard core! I wish you the best of luck and admire your drive! I can't wait to read all about it over this next year!

Amy Rollogas

Matt said...

Way to go Bryan! I'll be tracking your progress online... Best of Luck and if you need any help along the way, let us know!

Matt said...

Hey Man- Great job on your website. it's lookin better everyday!

1HappyAthlete said...

Congratulations and welcome to the IM party