Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Much needed recovery week

Last week was a recovery week, and a much needed one at that. I've been battling some sinus and chest congestion for a couple weeks now, so it was good to bring the volume of training down. I did get a second 20 mile run in on Sunday and finished at 8:15 pace. Never thought 20 miles would feel comfortable, but I felt much better over last week. I changed my nutrition up a bit, taking in my Hammer Gel every 20 minutes instead of 30. Of course Kevin decided to light a firecracker and run close to 7 minute miles for the last 2.5 miles. I glanced at my watch and was at 7:30 pace, beginning to hurt, so I did not partake in that nonsense.

The congestion stuff kept me out of the pool last week, so I need to get back into it.

BTW...Leave it to my good friends at
Edy's to take my favorite Girl Scout cookie, Samoas, crunch it all up and create the best ice cream ever!

Between the Samoa ice cream and Guitar Hero (for the Wii), I'll have to work out twice as hard!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Finally got one!

This thing is the greatest Video Game Console EVER! Called my local Best Buy on the way home from work Wednesday and they, unbelievably, had a few in stock. These things have been so hard to find and retailers are only getting 4-5 a week! Logan is already mastering Boxing and Nikki is becoming a Bowling Pro! Say goodbye to ANY spare time I had left. Now, if I could only figure out how to play while on my bike...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Our Poor Allie...

So, I feel like a bad Dad. I haven't been good about getting Allie's nails cut. Last Saturday, she was running around the backyard and tore her dew claw clear back to the vein. We were able to create a temp bandage that stopped the bleeding. This allowed us to avoid an Emergency visit to the Vet and wait to take her Monday morning. Above is the bandage from the Vet. They were able to clip the nail, as well as the others, and got her wrapped up for a few days. I'm happy to say that the bandage is now off and Allie is doing well. Enjoying her foot again! I can assure you I'll now keep her nails nice and tidy!

Monday, February 18, 2008

1st big week of '08

Thank goodness for recovery weeks. I'm coming off an 8 hour 24 minute training week that included a 2 hour bike ride and a 20 mile run! This week will be a recovery week, where I'll drop the duration of all disciplines to allow my body to recover and prepare for the next 3 week build.

Had a weird rough spot in that 20 mile run. I'm thinking that I didn't hydrate and eat properly after my 2 hour bike on Saturday, leaving me in a depleted state Sunday morning. At about mile 14, I began to feel absolutely horrible, lightheaded and generally out of it. Must have been "the wall", but that usually doesn't get me until about mile 21. I took a large gulp of Hammer Gel and pushed through, even though I just wanted to quit, ending up back on pace. Finished the run averaging 8:24 miles, so not bad. These tough, gut-check runs will test me and mold me into the future Ironman I want to become.

I have a phrase on my RoadID that I think about when my training gets tough - "Ironman, Do You Really Want It?" That phrase got me to the pool late Sunday afternoon, as I did not want to swim at all. I was tired from the run, but I knew had to get a swim in. I did feel better knowing that I made myself swim.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Huge Coaching News!

I actually have a coach! I've always tried to comprise my workouts and train for races by myself, however, I decided that I would need some coaching if I wanted to do well in Lake Placid this July.

I'll be working with Ironman Champ
Karen Holloway. Her resume speaks for itself with a win at Ironman Canada in 2005 and several top 5 Ironman finishes. She is very familiar with the Lake Placid race, as it's one of her favorites. Being located here in Richmond, and a member of the Richmond Triathlon Club, she'll be a big help for me.

I believe Karen's Ironman experience, especially her experience on the Lake Placid course, will truly benefit me! I'm really excited about this opportunity!

Monday, February 11, 2008

What a week

So I was on call last week. To the tune of nearly 13 hours of after hours support, 5 and 1/2 of which were in one night! Every once in a while you get blessed with a week that nothing seems to go right. Last week was mine. I got woken up at least once every night last week at some point between 12am and 4:30am. At least it was isolated to the work front.

I somehow managed to get through a pretty good training week without a full nights sleep. The highlight of the week was Tuesday's weather, 75 degrees! I took off work about 4pm and headed straight home, mounted the
new wheels, and took off for a 31 minute ride outside! I was stoked to get that ride in! I noticed the responsiveness of the wheels, especially climbing. They felt really nice. I can't wait to get them out on a long ride.

The week was capped off by a 2 hour bike ride on the trainer and a 13 mile run. Nothing beats watching Star Wars Episode II with your son while you get a nice long ride in. BTW...It has only taken me 2 years to figure out that placing the barstool next to my bike is a great way to reach everything! I can place the TV and DVD remote, as well as extra nutrition and water right there! Sunday's run was outstanding! We averaged about 8 minute miles for the whole run, but dropped a 7:53 and 6:46, respectively, for the last 2 miles. Then 6:35 for the last tenth of a mile. We felt really good and strong the whole run. My nutrition is working really well on both the bike and run.

Finally, to end the week, the high wind storm knocked out our power. The entire Mechanicsville 360 corridor was out. Traffic lights and all. Very eerie. We had to drive 20 minutes out to find somewhere to eat! Our gas fireplace kept us warm until the power came back on.

I can't wait to get a full nights sleep tonight!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Ansley's 3!!!

Our sweet little girl is 3 today!