Monday, November 5, 2007

Happy Birthday Allie!

Our baby girl is 8 today!

In training news, I'm feeling really good about the Marathon this coming Saturday. So good, in fact, that I've decided to run and then make the 3 hour drive to Blacksburg for the game immediately after. The Marathon starts at 8am and the game kicks off at 3:30pm, so with any luck, I'll make it.

I'm going after a 3:35 Marathon this year, which is about 8:10 pace. Last year's first Marathon was plagued by a hip flexor that gave out about mile 17, leaving me with a 4:33 finish. I have 3 other running partners that have the same time goal, so we'll be able to help each other pace.

Since my
Half Ironman at Lake Anna, I've been focusing solely on my running. I want to become a stronger runner between now and Lake Placid. Here are some monthly numbers from my run training proving to me that I'm running well.

Aug total miles - 63.66 - Avg pace - 7:29
Sep total miles - 23.16 - Avg pace - 7:44
Oct total miles - 67.64 - Avg pace - 7:33

As you can see, I'm feeling confident in being able to run a great Marathon. Hidden in those numbers was a long 20 miler that I ran at 8:09 pace! There was part of me that wanted to bag the Marathon and just get to the VT game, but I'd just feel really bad about myself. I'm just running too good right now to miss out. Even if I miss kickoff, I should have the satisfaction of a good solid Marathon.