Friday, December 21, 2007

A week of firsts

I had a few firsts this week.

  • I ate sushi - LOVED it!
  • Had sake (Japanese alcoholic beverage) - Very good!
  • Ate at P.F. Chang's
  • Saw my first movie in a DLP theater - WOW, AWESOME! I'm a total movie buff and seeing a movie in a DLP theater was outstanding. We saw I am Legend, a very good movie.

Today we got the kid's Christmas presents wrapped. I'm so excited about Christmas this year. Logan is at a good age, I'll get to play with most of his toys with him! I'm such a kid at heart!


Anonymous said...

you've never had sushi?!?!? where have you been????

what's a DLP theater? (and i realize that i'm now giving you the chance to ask where I'VE been;) )

HOKIEX said...

Guess I've always been scared of the whole raw thing with sushi. Not anymore!

If you haven't seen a movie in DLP yet, I highly suggest it. The picture clarity is mind blowing. Here's some info. Carmike 10, on the Southside by Chesterfield Town Center, is currently the only all Digital Theater in Richmond.

Dying Water Buffalo said...

okay, so what exact sushi did you have? be specific...
I think there are certain "beginner" rolls like, philly rolls, then other stuff you have to develop a taste for, or at least be a little acclimated first.

HOKIEX said...

I started out with a few of the Californis rolls, then Tuna rolls. After that I tried, and loved, the fresh Tuna and Salmon.