Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy belated Birthday to Me!

Friday, the 16th, was my birthday! Didn't take me long to spend my birthday money. Got a new pair of Oakley sunglasses this past weekend. Needed some performance eyewear that didn't keep and smear the sweat all over the lens. I chose the Oakley FLAK Jacket. They have Hydrophobic lenses, meaning the water and sweat just bead and roll off. They are SWEET!

Training is still going well. Last week was not as good as the previous week, but that was expected. I have a big week this week, capped off with a 5.5 hour ride this weekend! Guess what? I finally got my training log updated and as you can see, I've been pretty busy training. I know the next few weeks will be pretty intense as well.

I was way behind on getting the log updated because we got
Mario Kart Wii, complete with two steering wheels. I've been racing the whole family in the very little free time I had left. Logan loves this game so much, it's helping Nikki and I use it as a reward for making good choices at school and good behaviour.

I do want to mention how much I appreciate Nikki. She is being very patient with my huge training load, very encouraging, and extremely helpful. I'm out until almost 8pm every night with afternoon workouts, so I don't get too much time at home with everyone. I definitely take advantage of every second I have with them during this time. I really hope all this training pays off in July with a great race!

BTW...Chicago called and they want their wind back. Seriously, I can't even believe how windy it's been in Richmond the last couple months. 10-30mph winds seem to hit every other day, and every freakin' time I get on my bike. I'm going to have a great bike leg if it's not windy in Lake Placid!

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dwddd said...

happy b-day to me june 19 po b-day ko