Monday, May 5, 2008

11 Weeks!

My IT band is holding up nicely. The weekly massage therapy and rehab sessions are working well. I know my training log on the left hasn't been updated, but I'll get it, just hang tight.

Saturday was an interesting day for us. I went out on my long bike after Logan's soccer game. We ended up riding 4 hours and 26 minutes for a total of 83 miles on the day. We followed that with a 15 minute t-run. The ride was tough with the freakin' 10-20 mph winds! I HATE THE WIND. My eyes were burning so bad due to all the pollen that was blowing around. I had this nice yellow tint to me when finished. Oh, and it felt like we climbed the entire time. Oh well, these very tough bike rides will only make me stronger come July.

After the ride and run I got wiped down, cleaned up, and changed for our church dinner. I head over for a really nice dinner. We had chicken parmesan, green beans, and salad. Great food post ride!

After dinner, I'm ready to head home, have a beer, and relax. Nikki's van had other thoughts. It wouldn't start. No biggie, I'll just jump it, and off we go. Nope. Didn't like that either. After several phone calls and speaking with Nikki's Dad, we decided to remove the battery and take it to an auto store for replacement. Removing a battery is no easy task when the only tools you have are two screwdrivers and a pair of pliers. After a lot of elbow grease, I get it out. Luckily we had driven separately, so that we could get a replacement. (Oh, did I forget to mention that we had the kids too. Yeah, they were getting cranky and tired by this point.) AutoZone confirmed that the battery was indeed dead, so we purchased a new battery, drove back to the van and got it installed. Not nearly as hard as getting it out.

After all that, we finally get home about quarter of 11, and not into bed until close to 11:45. I'm usually in bed by 10pm, so I was beat! Needless to say, I missed my 7am running group, just needed the sleep. I did get my run in later in the morning. 1 hour 26 minutes. Felt really good. Didn't wear the IT band strap and had no IT band pain.

Stay tuned...