Tuesday, April 29, 2008

12 Weeks!

I was cool looking at my countdown timer, stating 80+ days until Lake Placid. Then Karen sends out my training plan for the week. 12 weeks to go, she states. Holy cow! That sounds so much closer than 80+ days.

Finished up my first t-run since last year. I was forgetting how tough it is to run off the bike. I have a 5 hour ride this weekend and the Cap2Cap Century ride next weekend, both with t-runs. So, I'll see what it feels like to run after the 5 hour ride and the 100 miler. (For those that don't know, a t-run is a transition run, or brick, where you do a very short run immediately following a bike ride. This gets the leg muscles trained to transition from biking to running.)

I'm loving the Tuesday night group ride. We are riding about 36 miles. Last week we averaged 19mph. This week, 21mph! I'm still not up with the main group once we hit the hills, which start about maybe mile 25, but I'm sticking with the second group once the main pack splits. And actually doing my fair share of pulling.

BTW...My calves HAVE to stop hurting at some point, don't they? I feel like they are in total anarchy! At least my IT band is happy!