Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Holy Cow, You all got me!

I still can't even believe that Nikki was able to pull that off.

The plan was for Nikki and I to have a night out, dinner and a movie. Kevin, Kelly, and Brandon were going to take me out for a couple drinks that afternoon as a congrats on my Ironman finish. Well, two tall beers, a royal flush, shot of tuaca, and shot of vodka later, I'm wondering how I'm gonna watch "Journey to the Center of the Earth" in digital 3D with the massive buzz I have going on. I open the front door of my house and am totally floored! A surprise Ironman celebratory party!

Now Nikki is the type of person that gets very nervous and highly irritable when we have 4-5 people over. I have no idea how she kept her cool for the entire week, knowing there were gonna be like 40 people at our house. I never suspected a single thing. Come to find out she's been planning this since the night I finished the Ironman. Truly amazing! All my friends played along, some not returning calls to keep themselves from saying too much. Others, like Ginger and Matt, saying they never do anything or have plans, but couldn't double date with Nikki and I that Saturday.

Well, I had an absolute blast. It's been a very long time since I tied one on that good! It was great to see everyone there and I truly appreciate everyone who was able to come. I also thank those that were invited but were unable to attend, your thoughts were there. I'm blessed to have such great friends!

Kevin had a very nice congratulatory speech that he said in front of everyone, he's good at that. It was awesome! Karen followed up with some really nice words about me and even more for Nikki and her support through my training. I really wish I had a video of both of them.

My favorite quote of the night was from Kimmick's girlfriend Becca while we were playing flip cup. I was inside saying goodbye to friends and headed back outside just in time to hear, "What...He can run and bike like 100 some miles, but can't flip a cup". As everyone saw me, all you heard was "Ohhhhhhhh". I did much better after that. ;)

Needless to say, I did not do any swimming, biking, or running on Sunday. Pretty much slept most of the day.