Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Has a year really gone by?

It's been a great year, capped off by completing my first Ironman. Lots of memories throughout the year and looking forward to another fun filled year. I'd like to run through a laundry list of accomplishments and memories, but seeing as I'm having trouble finding the time to even post, I'll spare you. My long time followers can just go back through the archives.

It wasn't pretty, but our Hokies won another ACC Championship and will be playing in the Orange Bowl tomorrow. Can't wait for that!

Christmas was great this year. Lots of Wii games to occupy my fleeting free time. Logan even got a couple games and is getting good and dueling me in Star Wars: Clone Wars. He'll make a pretty good Jedi! ; ) Ansley can not be any more a girl. She got lots of purses and makeup. She is really into dancing and loves dancing to pretty much anything. That little girl has got her Daddy's rhythm!

No Ironman races planned for '09, as we have a big trip to Disney planned. Get this, with no race during the trip! I owe it to the family! Speaking of, I do have a great support system in my family. Nikki is the most patient woman I know with me and the kids have been great.

I'm kicking off '09 with a New Year's 10K. That should be fun, since I haven't run in a week or so. I was planning on going out today, but it's ridiculously windy and I'm having too much fun playing the Wii. I'll be signing up for another Ironman for '10, just don't know where yet. I hope to focus on getting faster throughout the year, so we'll see how that goes. Look for my New Year resolutions soon. Also look for schedule updates and changes to my blog this weekend.

'09 will also be especially memorable as Nikki and I will celebrate 10 very happy years together!
Stay tuned...