Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bryan "One Lung" Deal

Sick update for my Blog followers:

Went to see my primary care Dr. on Monday, Dr. Stadler. She came in and after listening to my lungs made the statement "You know Bryan, I just wasn't buying the whole pneumonia being diagnosed at Patient First thing", "But I have to say, you have the worst sounding lungs I've heard in years!" Great news to hear from your Dr.! ; ) She is great and we began to discuss when I could get back to training. I can resume strength training (light and very low intensity) as of today and I can get a couple easy bike rides (indoors and again real easy) this week. She, Coach K, and everyone else, don't want me to push too hard too fast since this could get pretty serious if we don't get rid of it. No worries, I just need to check myself and make sure I'm easing into things over the next week or two.

She added a few more medications to my medicine cabinet. Here's a nice list of the meds I currently have to take. I'm like a walking pharmacy!

In the morning:

  • Normal Juice Plus vitamin fruit supplement
  • 2 Prednisone (oral steroid)
  • 1 Levaquin (antibiotic)
  • 2 Mucinex (expectorant)
  • Albuteral inhaler as needed throughout the day

In the evening:

  • Normal Juice Plus vitamin vegetable supplement
  • 1 Zyrtec (normal seasonal allergy med)
  • Rhinocort (normal seasonal allergy med)
  • 2 Mucinex
  • 1 shot of Advair before bed (inhaler)
I did get a nice strength training workout in today. Not nearly as heavy and intense as I'm usually in the weightroom, but a solid workout nonetheless.

Got a followup with Dr. Stadler on Thursday so we'll see how I'm doing and I'll keep the updates coming.