Saturday, August 11, 2007

Weekend Training Update

Got in a really nice solo 60 mile ride on Saturday morning. Beautiful route that I mapped out off the main roads. Probably only got passed my a dozen cars all morning. Felt great for the entire ride and I'm nailing my nutrition. Thanks Jeremy! Click the picture to enlarge and check out some of the hills. There were a couple of nasty ones. Images are screencaps taken from Map My Tri

Sunday morning I got in a 13.5 mile run prior to Church. Again, more hills. I think I'm beginning to like hills.

After Church, we went to the pool. We had a great time. I love hanging out at the pool and playing with the kids. Once Nikki and the kids left to go home and take naps, boy I would have loved a nap, I went down to the lap pool and cranked out 2150 meters.

Great training weekend. I'm feeling great! Tomorrow is my rest day and next week is a recovery week. 4 weeks to go for the Odyssey Half Ironman!


tiffany said...

sounds like the training is going well! remember, i want to be you when i grow up!

fatBoy said...

Intense as hell, good stuff!

What mapping software are you using there?