Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Race Week!

First off, hats off to my Hokies for getting a hard W this past Saturday. It was a very emotional day and I'm so glad we came away with the win. The pre-game ceremony to honor the victims of 4/16 was beautiful and moving. We got a chance to see the memorial for the first time after the game. Truly tragic what happened to those young students and teachers. Now I hope the team is ready for LSU this coming Saturday. It should be a very good game. I'm glad my race will be complete so that I can enjoy the game.

Congrats to my Brother-In-Law, Kevin, for his time at the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon this past Sunday, 1:42:58. That's a PR for Kev! Great job Bro!

Still keeping an eye on the water temps for Saturday, but looking warm right now. I can't get a solid number. One local marina has 78, while another has 84. I think that I'll call Lake Anna State Park tomorrow and see if they know. No sense renting a wetsuit if there is no way I'll be able to use it.

I feel really ready for Saturday. I've been taking it easy this week, a taper week. Not too much volume, just keeping everything going. Looking back, I probably should've spent a little more time in the pool, but nothing I do this week is going to fix that. I've already laid the foundation, now I just need to believe in myself, not doubt my training, and not try and cram a bunch of extra workouts in this week. Rest and relaxation are the most important things to me this week. Oh yeah, and lots of salt and water!

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Lance said...

Lake Temp is 84. Verified Tuesday.