Thursday, September 27, 2007

3 weeks

So it's been almost 3 weeks since my Half Ironman...

I've only completed 2 workouts since, a short run and a weight workout. I must say that I've thoroughly enjoyed the time off.

The weekend following my Half Ironman, Nikki and I left the kids at my Mom's house for a long weekend, 4 days, in Charleston, SC. It was a great time! Got some surfing in, which I enjoy every chance I get, save for the two jelly fish stings I received, one on each foot! Boy did those hurt! Lots of drinking, eating really great food, and getting lots of sleep. My cousin, Aaron, is a chef at a really nice restaurant,
Tristan's, that has some excellent food.

Here's what the jelly fish sting looked like a couple hours after...
And over a week later you can still see the tentacle lines...

We are heading to Blacksburg this weekend, as our Hokies take on UNC. It will be the second week in a row Logan and I have made the trip. This will be Ansley's first time this year. She has the cutest Hokie cheerleader outfit! I can't wait to get back up there. Blacksburg is like my second home and I truly love it there. We are huge College Football fans, so we spend 7-8 weekends in Blacksburg in the fall. It is a 3 1/2 hour drive, but totally worth it!

I had wanted to resume my workouts this week, however, on Wednesday morning, I pinched something in my low back wrestling with Logan. I think it's the piriformis muscle or my hip flexor that's dinged up. It was probably a combination of being sore from my weight workout on Tuesday and then wrestling the following morning. At any rate, it hurts like a mofo! As your kids get bigger, it gets more important to use your legs to pick them up and not solely your back. So that's kinda forced me to remain sidelined for a few more days.

Hopefully, I'll be healed up enough to get back to my normal workout routine next week. The rest was good and even better for my body after a long hard summer, but I've got the urge to get back out there. With an 8K and a Marathon coming up in the next couple months and the looming Ironman, I can't stay away too long.

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Dying Water Buffalo said...

My foot fetish would like to thank you for the pics :)

Hope your back heals up and you are sting-free to start workouts next week!

PS- I added ya to my IMLP'08 link list :)