Sunday, January 6, 2008

And so it begins...

Seeing as I haven't been swimming since my Half Ironman in September, I guess I've officially begun my training for Lake Placid. Completing workouts in all three disciplines this week, I actually feel like a Triathlete again! I'll have the training numbers posted tomorrow for last week.

a week ago I posted about getting a prescription for Synthroid, the thyroid supplement. After a week of deliberation and wondering, I've decided not to fill the prescription. I've spoken with several folks and we all agree that any benefit would not be worth the risk. Nikki's advice to "go with your gut" helped a lot, as I've been leaning toward not taking it. Thanks to Kevin and Nick for the final words of advice during our run this morning. The thyroid is such an integral part of your system, controlling metabolism, that I don't want to go f'ing around with it. I'm afraid that I'll end up having to take the supplement forever, just to stay normal.