Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekend Update

Training is still going really well. I ran a 20 miler on Saturday morning and felt really good. Averaged 8:10 per mile! We ran much of the Richmond Marathon course too, so that's always helpful. I'm so excited about the progress I've made in my running and anxious to see how well I can do on November 10th.

I was going to run 7-8 on Sunday, however, couldn't get out of bed. The kids were at my Mom's, as Nikki had a silent auction for her Women's club, so we were out late. BTW...We ended up winning the grand prize, about $150 in restaurant gift certificates for our $10 raffle! Then we got home and were up to 12:30am watching the LSU Auburn game. What a great game! 5:30am came really quick, and with no kids, it was too easy to turn the alarm off and sleep till 9am! I ended up doing about 45 minutes of Yoga late Sunday evening, which I love, so I'm feeling great today!

I needed to skip the Sunday run anyway. I was pretty sore and don't usually run back to back days, so I didn't want to push myself over the edge. My hip is feeling really strong this year, not painful like this time last year. The physical therapy that I went through last fall and winter has helped out big time. My running form was tweaked and I had some great strength training workouts added that have all made a huge difference in my running form.