Saturday, September 27, 2008

No so fast my friend...

One of my really good friends Brandon Rollogas, who, like myself, is die hard for his team. He's a Nebraska Cornhusker. Well, the two of us have been talking trash this week like we've never talked trash before. He's been bold enough to call this a blowout win, Nebraska by 21! This will be the first time since the '96 Orange Bowl that the Hokies will take on Nebraska. That game didn't go so well, a 41-21 beat down by the Huskers. Redemption time, BABY!

The last time we faced a regular season Big 12 opponent, was in the 2002 season. The Hokies went into #19 Texas A&M as a big underdog. We came out of that hostile environment with a 13-3 win. I fully expect to come out of tonight's hostile environment with a win.

This is going to be a great game. A bunch of us will be meeting at Buffalo Wild Wings for some wings and beer while watching the Hokies take care of those "popcorn huskies"!

VT 17 - Nebraska 10

It's game time!

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Brandon said...

Keep dreaming. Nimrod Taylor is going to need a horizon meter to figure out which way is up. Good Luck! The Hokies will need it.