Monday, June 16, 2008

5 Weeks!

Holy cow! 5 weeks to go!

Tonight's track workout went great. When we all showed up, a big thunderstorm was moving in with lots of lightning. Karen decided to move us indoors, into the University of Richmond basketball stadium. I knew at that point what we were doing. Stadium runs. Yep, we started on one aisle and went up and down every aisle on the top section all the way around the stadium. Once we did that, we took 4 laps around the main console area. Then headed back into the stands to complete a second set of stadium runs, this time on the bottom section.

I have some sick fascination with stadium runs. Maybe it's the numerous times I had to do them while running track in Lane Stadium at Virginia Tech, their football stadium. Which goes from A all the way up to YYY on the West side and up to 5Q on the East side. U of R's basketball stadium only went up to like AA. So this was the one workout, and probably the only, that I got to lead and stay well ahead of everyone. I love stadium runs.