Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Our Little Girl

So I had a terrible training week last week, more on that in a bit, and now have even more to keep in this brain of mine. Nikki sent an email out to friends and family that I wanted to post regarding our little Ansley. Needless to say we are both worried and pray for everything to be okay. All this in a little 3-year old.

"Well mother’s intuition told me that I should have Ansley’s hearing checked – after 3 hours with the ear doctor today we have discovered that she has lost most of the hearing in her right ear. We won’t know how much of this is permanent or temporary hearing loss until probably the end of July after she recovers from surgery.

On July 3rd, they will be putting her 2nd set of ear tubes in, removing her adenoids and tonsils at the same time. These things are all connected and affect each other and with her excessive history of strep throat the smart thing to do at this point. This should be a same day surgery however she has to be out of school for 2 weeks afterwards – should be fun in the Deal household!

After all the fluid has drained from her ear and they are fully healed then they can do another hearing test to determine what portion is permanent – the Dr said that most likely she will have some permanent loss – to what extent we will have to wait and see.

Just wanted to pass this along – please keep her in your thoughts and prayers – especially on July 3rd!"

So we definitely have a lot going on in the next month. I pray we can make it through.

Beginning Thursday, last week's training was miserable to say the least. Mentally, I just wasn't in it. Every day felt like I had to force myself to get out and get the workout in. Doubt, questions, insecurities. It all filled my thoughts, all weekend. On top of that, it has been over 100 degrees since Friday.

With last week behind me, I'm focusing on the positives and really working hard to keep the negative thoughts out of my brain. Monday's track went really well in the 100 degree heat. Tonight's bike, again over 100 degrees, also went really well. I actually do enjoy the heat and humidity for some strange reason.

Stay tuned, we're getting close...