Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday night ride!

SWEET! I had a great ride tonight. Averaged 22.1 mph, with a max speed of 34.5 mph, over 33.39 miles. I stayed with the front group for the entire ride! I'm getting so much stronger on the bike and I love it. The bike fit I had a couple weeks ago is really paying off. I've got more power on the bike and in a much better position to run off the bike. All my t-runs since the fit have been great!


Mal said...

Good Luck!

Run Kurt Run said...

Dude see you in a few weeks. Funny that Karen coaches you. I have been friends with Karen for years and she and I have worked together for the past 3. Tell her I said she is fat when you see her.

Kurt XOC Trihead