Thursday, July 24, 2008

Having a good time

We've been having fun in Lake George, even though it's been raining pretty much all day since we've been here. Took Logan and Ansley on a go-cart track, they had a blast. Logan and I had a laser tag game with the place all to ourselves. He's a good shot and beat me. Must have sweet talked the attendant, as she was running around helping him out! Went to see WALL-E. Very good movie. The kids really enjoyed it. At least we have had a few bits of non-rain. We did get on a fireworks cruise tonight that took us out on Lake George to see a really cool fireworks show. The kids loved it. There are a ton of things to do indoors when it rains, as there is a "rain activities" list that the hotel gives out. Must rain a lot up here.

I'm still working on my full race report, so stay tuned for that. It hasn't yet fully sunk in what I have accomplished.

Here's a picture of us at the top of Little Whiteface. Whiteface summit is in the background. Looks like an awesome ski resort, with some sweet trails.


Moom said...

Love the picture and the update on your vacation,sounds like you guys are having lots of much needed fun and time together!!!!Let it all sink in YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!!!!Love all of you. Mom.

Mom said...

It should be Mom said not moom.Sorry.

Kristin said...

Glad you guys are having a good time. You have all my rain....the garden is fried. The girls can't wait until you get back :) K